brb-watchinganime: How come you hate bleach? X

Watched it once, never again.

Anonymous: Do you like Bleach? (Anime or/and Manga)

Absolutely hate it!

narutouzum4ki: Any good animes to watch? I'm bored

K project
Ouran high school host club
Soul eater
Eden of the east
High school of the dead
Sailor moon (the original series)
Studio Ghibli movies

Aaaaaand that’s all I can think of, sorry!


Hello, if you are ever sad, just look up and picture Naruto telling you to believe in yourself.. Because you are strong, live on and dream big.


deidawa-danna-un: 10 facts about urself :)

1. I work at a private nursery
2. I am voting YES for Scottish Independence
3. I am going to see Disney on Ice next Friday
4. I love Strictly Come Dancing
5. I used to be a champion figure skater but me and my cousin gave it up
6. I like Guardians Of The Galaxy soooo much better than The Avengers
7. Catching Fire is my favourite book I have ever read so far
8. I cried like a baby when reading The Faults In Our Stars
9. I just went head first down the stairs at my nursery and now my ankle is nice and swollen
10. I prefer Xbox one over PS4

Anonymous: If you ever wanna have a phat fangirl sesh (I'm a guy) I am all up for that especially the last few episode were insane!!

You’ll need to come off anon if I can fangirl with you!

kithless-heir: What are you going to be for Halloween? Does your school let you dress up?

I don’t go to school anymore, haha! I work at a nursery so we will probably do a dress up day :)

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